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Model D Correction Tape, 10 Pcs

$29.50 $7.95

  • 10 Correction Tapes (2 x Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple)
  • 5mm X 6m
  • Instant correction with no copy or fax shadow
  • Gear-driven technology ensures smooth application
  • Tear-resistant polyester film tape with no overrun
  • Translucent tip provides precise and complete coverage

Model D correction tape dispenses white tape that provides complete coverage for your correction needs. It is convenient, mess-free and enables immediate writing. Equipped with a translucent tip and premium quality tape,  Fullmark Model D correction tape is precise and break-proof. Its gear-driven technology prevents over-run problems. Each correction tape is 5mm X 6m and this set is a value pack of 2 Pink, 2 Yellow, 2 Green, 2 Blue, and 2 Purple.

fullmark model d correction tape fullmark model d correction tape


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